It is the centerpiece of attraction or that slice to end the party’s night!  That’s right, I am talking about cake! HI! I am Lavern, owner of a cake studio located in Brooklyn, NY by the name of Cakes by Faith! ·      Where we make specialty cake and dessert for all occasions! ·      Going through the process with our customers to provide the best in custom cake designs is what we enjoy! ·      From small indulgences to big extravagant pieces! No guest list is too small or large for us to provide our delicious confections. ·      We cater to all sweet wishes:  diabetic friendly, allergen-free and vegan are amongst the many ways we can help you have your cake and enjoy it too! ·      So, bring your dreams, thoughts and ideas and we will work to make them a reality. We just love Baking Your Heart’s Delight! ·      Follow us on our website - and most of the social media sites.

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